Worship Service Location Change

We will be meeting at the Kingston Free Library this Lord's Day at 9:30AM. Address is: 2605 Kingstown Rd; Kingston, RI
Word & Sacrament

Christ Our Hope Presbyterian is a new church, proclaiming an ancient faith, and embracing a living hope. We proclaim an ancient faith – the Gospel faith of Abraham, centered on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, revealed from Genesis to Revelation in the Holy Scriptures. We embrace a living hope – an unshakable, forward-looking, and life-transforming confidence in God’s grace to us in the crucified, risen, reigning and returning Christ – generated by the power of His Word and Spirit.

Neighborhood Guild

325 Columbia Rd.
Peace Dale, RI

Phone (401) 789-8007
Worship Service: 9:30 AM
Fellowship: 10:45AM
Christian Ed.: 11:15 AM